UNDP PA Financing Scorecard is launched as an interactive webtool

Friday, Mar 15 2013

The purpose of the UNDP Protected Area Financing Scorecard is to assist governments, donors and NGOs to investigate and record significant aspects of a protected area financing system - its accounts and its underlying structural foundations - to show both its current health and status and to indicate if the system is holistically moving towards an improved financial situation. The scorecard is designed for national systems of protected areas, but could be used by sub-national networks (e.g., state, regional or municipal). It applies equally to terrestrial and marine protected areas.

The recently launched interactive webtool introduces and guides users though the guide and allows them to save completed results and share lessons and results with other protected area financial practitioners. 

Check http://www.pafinancialscorecard.org for more information.



Photo credit: Zé Zuppani

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UNDP PA Financing Scorecard is launched as an interactive webtool
Friday, Mar 15 2013


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