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Effects of Payment for Environmental Services (PES) on Deforestation and Poverty in Low and Middle Income Countries: A Systematic Review

The first objective of this review is to assess the evidence on the effects of PES interventions on conservation and poverty outcomes in low and middle income countries. A second objective is to assess the extent to which effects on poverty in turn affect whether conservation benefits are realized. The third objective is to evaluate how institutional and social conditions (namely, inequality, institutional capacity, corruption, and democratic accountability) moderate the effects of PES programs.


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Author(s): Samii C, Lisiecki M, Kulkarni P, Paler L, Chavis L.
Friday, Dec 19 2014
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Innovations for equity and inclusion in smallholder payments for ecosystem services

This summary report aims to inform future research and practice for IIED, its partners and other PES stakeholders. It is divided into four parts: an introduction to the issues; understanding the challenges and drivers when designing inclusive PES systems; how to shift from a ‘supply-push’ to a ‘demand-pull’ approach to PES; and ways forward for research and practice. During a workshop held in March 2014, practical experiences from projects in Uganda, Mexico, Costa Rica, Indonesia and Bangladesh countries were presented.


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Author(s): Ina Porras and Emma Blackmore (IIED)
Tuesday, Jul 1st 2014
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Changes in the global value of ecosystem services

This article emphasizes that valuation of ecoservices (in whatever units) is not the same as commodification or privatization. Many eco-services are best considered public goods or common pool resources, so conventional markets are often not the best institutional frameworks to manage them. However, these services must be (and are being) valued, and we need new, common asset institutions to better take these values into account.


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Author(s): Robert Costanzaa, Rudolf de Groot, Paul Sutton et al.
Saturday, May 31 2014
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Targeted Scenario Analysis: A new approach to capturing and presenting ecosystem service values for decision making

This guidebook provides a step-by-step introduction to Targeted Scenario Analysis (TSA), an innovative analytical approach, developed by UNDP, that captures and presents the value of ecosystem services within decision making, to help make the business case for sustainable policy and investment choices.


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Author(s): Francisco Alpizar (CATIE) and Andrew Bovarnick (UNDP)
Monday, Nov 25 2013
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Payments for environmental services: lessons from the Costa Rican PES programme

This document compiles the key points of the Fair Ideas Conference presentations and provides links to the participating organisations and further materials.


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Author(s): Ina Porras
Monday, Mar 4 2013
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The Role and Contribution of Montane Forests and Related Ecosystem Services to the Kenyan Economy

This report estimates the economic values of the montane forests of Kenya, by means of best international analytical practices and environmental and economic evidence from Kenya, and shows that montane forests have consistently been undervalued in conventional national accounting.

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Author(s): UNEP
Monday, Dec 31 2012
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Payment for Ecosystem Services

This publication summarizes the investments of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) since its inception in projects involving Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES).


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Author(s): GEF
Thursday, Mar 22 2012
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Aprendiendo sobre Compensación y Pagos por Servicios Ambientales

El propósito de este manual es introducir líderes comunitarios a los conceptos básicos relacionados al cambio climático y los proyectos y políticas de pagos y compensación por servicios ambientales, con un enfoque en el mercado de carbono, de una forma clara y didáctica.


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Author(s): Forest Trends
Saturday, Dec 31 2011
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Tread lightly: Biodiversity and ecosystem services risk and opportunity management within the extractive industry

In this report, the Natural Value Initiative reviews 30 companies in the mining and oil and gas sectors with total market capitalisation of £1,638 billion.


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Author(s): Natural Value Initiative
Monday, Oct 31 2011
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Sustainable Inside: The Nature of Ecosystem Service Risks for Business

This issue reviews the extent to which companies are prepared to deal with Biodiversity and Ecosystem services challenges and examine whether this response reflects the magnitude of corporate impacts and dependencies on BES.


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Author(s): KPMG, Fauna and Flora International and UNEP FI
Tuesday, May 31 2011
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Creating New Values for Africa: Emerging Ecosystem Service Markets

This booklet contains 12 featured projects and initiatives which demonstrate the current innovations and challenges to carbon, water, biodiversity PES implementation in Africa.


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Author(s): Forest Trends, The Katoomba Group and Ecosystem Marketplace
Sunday, Jan 09 2011
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Payments for Ecosystem Services: Legal and Institutional Frameworks

This study analyzes the legal and institutional frameworks of water-related PES schemes and projects in four Andean countries: Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru.


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Author(s): Editor: Thomas Greiber
Monday, Feb 1st 2010
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Economic Valuation of Watershed Services

This study attempts to identify types of incentive mechanism that can possibly be used to provide the benefits to people living in and surrounding the national park. Such an incentive mechanism is needed to maintain continuous support for communities living adjacent to the protected area to develop conservation friendly activities.


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Author(s): Lelyana Midora and Dessy Anggraeni
Wednesday, Oct 18 2006
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Revaluing Ecosystems: Pathways for Scaling up the Inclusion of Ecosystems Value in Decision Making
by Lauretta Burke, Janet Ranganathan and Robert Winterbottom (Editors) - World Resources Institute (WRI)

No Net Loss and Net Positive Impact Approaches for Biodiversity: Exploring the potential application of these approaches in the commercial agriculture
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