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Conservation needs resources.

The survival and well-being of all species require healthy ecosystems, whose conservation depends on long-term, extensive and effective funding. As a collaborative network, the CFA helps to address the challenges of sustainable financing for conservation. Together, governments, multilateral agencies, NGOs, private companies, academic institutions, and independent experts, cooperate to promote conservation finance solutions through exchanging information and expertise and developing studies and tools


Tuesday, Mar 25 2014

on CFA Blog

Conservation Finance is Gearing Up for Wall Street by Logan Yonavjak

Logan Yonavjak's article put the supply side of conservation finance in the spotlight in order to approach the growth of private sector engagement towads conservation goals.

Friday, Mar 21 2014

on CFA Blog

6 Functions for the International Climate Agreement by Jennifer Morgan

Jennifer Morgan (WRI) article discusses how UN's international climate agreement - which will be finalized in 2015 - can achieve effectiveness, by listing 6 relevant functions to be adressed.

Thursday, Feb 27 2014

on CFA Blog

Musings from Recent Readings by Scott Lampman

Scott Lampman (USAID) opens the CFA Blog, an area within CFA website, where members care able to share their ideas. This article brings his brief thoughts on recent reading invoving the environmental funds community.

Tuesday, Feb 25 2014

on Events

"To No Net Loss of Biodiversity and Beyond" Conference: Registration open!

Registration is now open for the international conference "To No Net Loss of Biodiversity and Beyond" which BBOP will host with the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Zoological Society of London. The event will take place at the ZSL London Zoo on 3-4 June.

Friday, Feb 21 2014

on Innovative Finance

The CFA launches the Supporting biodiversity conservation ventures study!

The Conservation Finance Alliance presents its latest study: “Supporting biodiversity conservation ventures: Assessing the Impact Investing sector for an investment strategy to support environmental entrepreneurism”, sponsored by MAVA and elaborated by Josh Donlan (Advanced Conservation Strategies).

Friday, Jan 3 2014

on Events

International Conservation Events in 2014 - Part 1!

The Conservation Finance Alliance shares 6 key international events on conservation issues which will take place all around the globe during 2014 first semester!

Friday, Nov 22 2013


CFA presents the CTIS 2012 at the 15th RedLAC Assembly!

On November 7th, the Conservation Finance Alliance presented the Conservation Trust Investment Survey at the 15th RedLAC Assembly, in San José, Costa Rica.

Tuesday, Nov 12 2013


CTIS 2012 is launched!

The sixth report of the Conservation Trust Fund Survey (CTIS) series covers the performance of Conservation Trust Funds during the calendar year of 2012 and relies on information provided by 36 Funds from all over the world.

link para News Archive

The challenge of establishing REDD+ on the ground: Insights from 23 subnational initiatives in six countries
by William D. Sunderlin Andini Desita Ekaputr et al. (CIFOR Publication)

Private Financing for MPAs: Concrete Experiences
by Nicolas Pascal, Tundi Agardy, Eleanor Carter, Sandro Dujmovic Fabien Quétier and Sylvain Pioch

Spatial analysis of green infrastructure in Europe
by European Environment Agency (EEA)


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